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For those seeking to join the CAM Leadership Network we currently offer two levels of connection.


 Fellowship Level: Free

At this level of membership you have access to:

  • CAM Hub online community with events, updates, meeting information and more
  • any of our meetings live or via the live stream

To join at this level simply click this button. After you register, you will receive a series of emails with more information about how to access your benefits fully. 

Join Fellowship (Free) Level

Covenant Level: $600/year ($50/month)

At this level of membership you have access to:

  • everything included at the Fellowship Level
  • 20% discount on all KSOL courses
  • personal relational encouragement, accountability, and ministry to you and your spouse
  • from the network-sharing of resources, strategic networking, relationship leveraging, equipping and personal support, access to network retreats and webinars
  • coaching or consulting from the Leadership Team (if crisis intervention is needed personally or in ministry  leadership team members are willing to pray, consult, and assist you
  • possibility of serving in a leadership role (speaking at a monthly meeting, leading a retreat or webinar, leading a network sponsored event
  • licensing or ordination if needed - requires you meeting with the leadership team so we can identify your gifts and calling and help validate your leadership function

To join at this level simply fill out the membership application and submit. You do not need to send any money at this time, after your application is reviewed, someone will get back with you with more information about how to register and access your benefits. 

There is a $600/year or $50/month membership fee for this level of membership. 

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To Start Covenant Membership

After you have applied and  talked with a board member and have been given permission to join, you can start paying covenant dues below. 

Already a  Covenant Member?

Renew your yearly covenant network dues and fill out and submit your yearly personal ministry review. You can renew your dues at paying $600/ year or $50/month.

Dues ($600/year)
Dues ($50/month)
Personal Ministry Review

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Our Goals Are Straightforward

  1. To provide a sphere for relational, trans-local government for ministers and ministries
  2. To provide assistance for the local church and other ministries in training and developing true servant leaders within their ranks
  3. To serve as a catalyst in assisting the birth of new churches
  4. To provide pastoral care for ministers who are connected to CLN
  5. To serve the local church pastors, elders, or other ministries who have formally connected to CLN
  6. To serve as a spiritual covering for missionaries
  7. To provide for ordination and/or licensing of qualified members and to maintain records of those credentials

What We Believe

CAM's purpose is to provide a relational network which serves as a platform for resourcing and empowering Kingdom leaders in vocational ministry or the marketplace. You can learn more on the About Us page or by looking at our Statement of Faith and Practice.

We Wrote The Book 

Want to learn more about our professional association? Why not glance through the CAM manual?

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What They're Saying

A Safe Place of Refuge

CAM has been a lifeline of connection for Lori and I over the year. A place we can come to grow in relationship with ministry minded friends. It also has become a great place in which I can bring local & international(online) ministry friends.

Many friends have found it to be a safe place of refuge in the midst of their life and leadership storms. A place where leaders can be transparent and grow to advance God's Kingdom.

- Brinson Barker, LifeBridge Missions, CAM Leadership Board Member

Valuable Source of Encouragement

I was introduced to the CAM Network when I was just beginning to find my "voice" and follow the dream God had put in my heart. It was then, and continues to be today, a valuable source of supply and encouragement. When going through difficult seasons, I always receive what I need through a CAM meeting or relationship.

I am grateful beyond words for being able to partner with this network, and the impact it it has made on my life and the ministry.

- Laurel Roth, African Children's Mission / New Covenant Church Children's Director

Kairos School of Leadership is a vibrant, hands-on, job-embedded, competency-based, yet practical training system to develop leaders within a local church. It is for Kingdom minded leaders embedded in ministry or the marketplace.

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