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CAM Leadership Network is a relational network which serves as a professional organization for resourcing and empowering Kingdom leaders in vocational ministry or the marketplace.

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CAM Leadership Network is a relational network which serves as a platform designed to resource and empower Kingdom leaders in vocational ministry or the marketplace.

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What We Believe

Our Leadership Team

Mike Wells

Mike Wells serves as Lead Pastor at New Covenant Church and the Director of the CAM Leadership Network. He is originally from Montana, but has lived in Georgia for the last 24 years.  He met and married his wife in Georgia and they have two beautiful daughters. His passions include the mountains and being waist deep in a river fly fishing.

Mike graduated Trinity Bible College and Seminary in 1995 with a double major in Biblical Studies and Ministry.  He is currently enrolled in a Masters to Doctorate program with Antioch School of Leadership and Church Planting and is on target to complete his Doctorate of Theology by 2023.   


Mike also serves on the Board of Trustees for Bishop Joseph Mattera, the leader of Christ Covenant Coalition and US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. 

Mike’s passion is to develop, train, and launch leaders into the sphere to which God has called them. He loves being part of the Kingdom of God and serving leaders in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

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Brinson Barker

Brinson is the founder and president of LifeBridge Missions. He is also the President of Christian Leaders and Ministers Network in Valdosta. He has a passion to build bridges breaking down racial, cultural, religious, and denominational walls both in the US and abroad. His love for Jesus and people is contagious. This passion has taken him to over 14 nations on 3 continents around the world. He lives in Valdosta with his wife Lori and his three amazing boys. 

Gilbert Posey

Gilbert is the Pastor at Anchor of Hope in Soperton, GA.


Joey Williams

Joey has a heart to see people not only come to believe in God, but actually grow to know Him personally. Imagine a world where God's people dropped dry religion and exchanged it for an exciting adventure of hearing God's voice, obeying it and experiencing His love in an ever fresh way. Joey serves as a Pastor at House of Grace in Cochran, Georgia. He has served in ministry since 2000 in roles including; Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor, Associate Pastor and as of February 2012, Senior Pastor. His first and foremost ministry is to his beautiful wife Laura and his five precious daughters (Jilian, Riley, Hope, Jolie and Hosanna).


Bill Otten

Bill is the founder of Lifeline International, a resource ministry that provides ministry, equipment, literature, finances and humanitarian help to churches and ministries in over 60 nations.

Forty years of power evangelism ministry and teaching have taken him around the world in crusades, church planting and leadership training.  He is a Graduate of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas and Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   

History of CAM

Christian Alliance of Ministries, or CAM, was founded in 1996 to provide spiritual covering, accountability and ministry confirmation by way of relational oversight. L. A. Joiner, the founder, has been involved in church planting, pastoral, ministry and church oversight for over 30 years. He worked to provide a family atmosphere where the primary focus is extending the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

In April of 2015, LA Joiner passed the mantle of leadership of CAM to Michael Wells. In 2018, we formed the CAM Leadership Network in order “to provide a relational network which serves as a platform for resourcing and empowering Kingdom leaders in vocational ministry or the marketplace.” From a relational family approach, the CAM Leadership Network is also connected to a larger part of the Body of Christ. Michael Wells is a member of Christ Covenant Coalition, under the direct oversight of Bishop Joseph Mattera, who along with LA Joiner provide direct accountability for Michael. Christ Covenant Coalition also serves as a larger umbrella which is made up of a number of smaller networks, or cells, like CLN.

It is important for us to understand we fit into a bigger community that has a relational government or spiritual family much larger than our own churches. Just by being a part of Christ Covenant Coalition, we are connected to churches and ministers that are ministering all over the world in church planting, evangelism, leadership training of nationals and benevolent ministry of all kinds. Another aspect of this family is relational oversight and accountability. Like all families, relationships have to be kept strong through pouring time and effort into building and enhancing them.

Relational connectivity is critically important to the life of each church, ministry and minister. We seek to have everyone in the network Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, and Create. These 4 C’s are central to the CAM Leadership Network. Connecting in relationship with other leaders; Contributing your talents, abilities, and gifts; Collaborating with network leaders; and Creating what the Holy Spirit lead us to do.