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ACTS: The Unfolding of the Great Commission

Learn to be an influencer for the Kingdom of God in this course that's a prerequisite for all believers


Upcoming Course Dates:

Thursday Nights 6:30-9:00 PM

In Person at New Covenant Church Valdosta, GA and Online

Winter 2022: January 27 - March 17, 2022

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What you'll learn in this online course

 In ACTS, you will learn all about the book of Acts and the essential components of the Gospel. We will explore the keys which were critical to the expansion of the early church.  The content will provide a framework for the continued work of every believer and their responsibility to be a witness for Christ.

This eight week course will take the learner on a personal journey toward:

  • discovering their place and purpose in the kingdom of God,
  • finding the potential that is embedded in obstacles,
  • understanding how to be an overcomer in the testing of their faith, 
  • gaining skill in their ability to intentionally grow the kingdom.

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What You'll Learn Each Week

Week 1: A Personal Pentecost

Discovering your purpose in the Kingdom.

Week 2: Power of Purpose

Engaging the world around you; God is always on mission

Week 3: Persecution with a Purpose

The testing of our Faith; Process of Persuasion 

Week 4: The Paradigm Shift

God is always thinking/working on a level we don’t know

Week 5: Positioning

Not ignoring the adjustments of God’s moving; Church structure

Week 6: Problem Solving

In the Kingdom, obstacles are often the platform for expansion.

Week 7: Propagation of the Gospel

We must learn to contextualize the Gospel message to our culture.   

Week 8: Penetrating the Harvest Field

Understanding God wants expansion and to use you.

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Get Personal Mentorship

Each student enrolled in the ACTS course will have a leadership coach assigned to you. Your coach will be there for you as a mentor and to help you find your way in the various course spaces.

They will also check on you regularly, pray for you, and serve as a sounding board with all you are learning. 

Kingdom-Minded Leaders Network

This course is being offered in a hybrid format (both in-person and streamed live online) with students literally living anywhere in the world. A regular part of the interaction you will have in the ACTS course will take place in the CAM Hub, an online community with interest groups, insightful discussions, "just in time" resources, and meaningful interaction with other global Kingdom minded leaders. 

Our prayer is that through this course you will connect with other students, as well as in a deeper way with the Lord. We are better together. We grow more when we are connected with and are stretched by others.

Gateway to Kairos School of Leadership

We want you to know that we believe you are chosen by God to influence (lead) the sphere in which God has placed you. You are chosen for this specific time - a Kairos time - to do the work God has planned for you in His Kingdom. This framework class was designed to see if you are a good fit for moving forward as a student in the Kairos School.  

Key Benefits Of This Course

By taking this course on the book of Acts, we believe the Holy Spirit will ignite in you a fire to be His witness.

This course gets right to the heart of addressing the misunderstanding of of your identity in Christ. It will help you become fully aware that you have been called to be a witness. 

We typically think the Holy Spirit is for us. The Holy Spirit knows we are for Him. This course is not just going to teach you about having power or leveraging that power to feel good, but rather a key benefit of this course is learning how to operate in your divine purpose

Another key benefit of the ACTS course is to build your confidence in walking in your purpose and identity. It will help you understand what you were created for and how knowing that gives your life a purpose. It gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning because there is a job to do. It will teach you how to embrace the storms of life, to find the opportunity in obstacles, and how to be an overcomer.

This course was created to help you understand how to bring the Kingdom of God into whatever sphere of culture you are involved in and gain the tools you will need in order to become more effective in your walk with Jesus, your ministry, or your business.

Meet Your Instructor: Michael Wells

Michael Wells has served at various churches as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and  currently serves as the Lead Pastor of New Covenant Church, and as the Director of the CAM Leadership Network. He’s been married for almost 17 years to Sarah, and has two amazing daughters. His passion is to develop the gifts and potential of people in order for them to fulfill their God given destiny.  He loves being in the mountains and fly-fishing. He is currently getting his Masters of Theology from Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership.

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Want to learn more about the 
Kairos School?

The ACTS course is just the beginning! It is our foundational course that serves as a gateway into the school. Kairos is a two year experience designed to teach Kingdom-minded leadership and Holy Spirit-led change to enable its students to set our world on fire as a witness for Christ. 

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